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Welcome to Light Capture Photography! What started as a new hobby with a little 2 megapixel camera a few short years ago has now evolved into a passionate, integral part of my life.

As my knowledge and understanding of photography increased, I became aware of how important the light is. Without light, we couldn't see and we couldn't photograph and record the many special places and moments we encounter over the course of our lifetime. For me, photography is a means to capture and preserve a moment in time, an experience, an event, or a special memory. Perhaps most importantly, photography can help rekindle the emotions or feelings that are forever attached to those special places and times that photgraphy captures.

My wife Beverly has joined my quest to capture those special moments, moving from the business side to working in the field as well. Whether you are looking to mark your child's first birthday, record the special fleeting memories on your wedding day, document a company event or if you have particular photographic assignment needs, let Light Capture Photgraphy help you preserve what's important to you.

LJ & Beverly Weslowski
Light Capture Photography